Managerial services

  • Financial – accounting services (reporting, registration of entry-exit documents, payment controlling)
  • Quality control
  • Law services
  • Partnership with state bodies and authorities
  • Organization of communal payments collection

Technical services

  • Control over water pumping station, boiler rooms, heating, and cooling systems
  • Complex service and current repair for elevators
  • Control over electricity rooms and generators
  • Control over fire protection system
  • Illuminating common areas and buildings
  • Foreman services (electricity, plumbing, painting and etc.)

Security services

  • Organization of security for 24 hours 365 days
  • Coordination of entries and out to the territory
  • Video surveillance and camera installation
  • Safe door (intercom)
  • Entry card, fingerprint and video surveillance in elevators

Cleaning services

  • Cleaning floors, entries and parking areas in the building
  • Cleaning of general back-yards
  • Pool services (disinfection and chlorination)
  • Domestic wastes transportation
  • Disinfection and deracination works

Planting of Greenery services

  • Medication and fertilization of trees and plants
  • Mowing lawn
  • Irrigation and construction of Irrigation System
  • Pruning plants
  • Fighting against insects and plant diseases etc.

Other services

  • Cleaning in apartments (cleaning after repair, general cleaning and soft furniture and etc.)
  • Foreman services (electricity, plumbing, painting and etc) 
  • Furniture repair and restoration
  • Concierge services
  • IT services
  • Satellite, Cable TV and Internet